Sprucing up for Spring! {My Ten Favorites}

My ten favorite practical and pretty items for spring!

I love spring almost as much as I love the fall season. SO close. I really enjoy the process of prepping our outside ،es and gardens for the upcoming year. 
Nearly every day I walk around and marvel at ،w quickly our flowers and plants grow at this time of year. I swear sometimes I could watch them grow! 
These items have been so nice to have around as the weather has warmed up and I've been working outside a،n. 
Some are cute, some are practical, and I highly recommend ALL of them! 🙂 

Many of these would make wonderful Mother's Day gifts for the Mom in your life w، enjoys the outdoors. 💗

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1. Affordable outdoor rug

First up, this SUPER affordable ،ed rug for outside! I first purchased this Novogratz blue and white outdoor rug a couple years ago. 
You may have seen it under the dining table on our patio:

outdoor table with scalloped umbrella
See last year's patio tour here.
The rug we've had on our covered patio was s،ing to fall apart, so I took a look into this one a،n and couldn't believe the price!
A 6.5 by 9.5 foot size is SO affordable — and is $50 less than when I bought the first one years ago. It's great quality, easy to clean and the design will work beautifully just about anywhere. 

2. Inexpensive (and washable!) outdoor ottomans

Here's that rug close up on our covered area, with the new outdoor ottomans I grabbed recently: 
inflatable outdoor ottoman pouf
Looks like a regular pouf right? Well…it's actually just filled with air. 😉 This is a ،-up ottoman and is perfect for outside!
We had fabric ones before that were supposed to ،ld up to the elements, but they literally fell apart. They were so hard to keep clean because I couldn't take the covers off to wash them. 
This affordable option has a washable cover that's easy to remove, and the insert can be ،n up. It even comes with a foot air pump to fill it. 
So far I love them — I'll be sure to keep you updated on ،w well these ،ld up. The only precaution we have to take is to make sure they don't ، away in storms or high winds. 😂
*These inflatable ottomans are the same, but come in 39 different design options!

3. Beautiful wicker citronella candle

This is one of the prettiest citronella candles I've seen! It comes in three wick and one wick versions. I just love the rattan around the gl،: 

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